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About the program- Didactics of Teaching the Holocaust

This study track will deal with the topic of teaching Holocaust remembrance.

The dilemma of how to teach the topic of the Holocaust is complex and evokes numerous difficulties, among other reasons because the Holocaust is by nature an extreme and traumatic event, and teaching it frequently involves the description of atrocities. As Aharon Appelfeld said: "The Holocaust must not be relegated to the realm of large numbers and generalized speech. The witnesses and the historians have laid the foundation from top to bottom, and the time has come for creation." (Aharon Appelfeld speaking at Yad Vashem on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2007)

In the courses, the emphasis will be placed on creation and the didactics of teaching the Holocaust to the diverse populations.

Program objectives:

  • To learn key aspects of the Holocaust experience and explore its continued relevance to you and your students;
  • To identify, master, and create practices in sharing these essential aspects with the next generation;
  • To identify age-appropriate materials;
  • To identify, design, and implement best practices in checking for understanding, connecting new learning to previous knowledge and interests, providing organizational strategies for learning, and assessing and evaluating students’ learning.

Study Program:

  • Comprehension, interpretation, evaluation, and appreciation strategies with a variety of texts to increase empathy for, and understanding of, the dimensions of human experience
  • Development of skills for reading and responding effectively, through discussion and writing, to primary sources, literature, and historical narrative
  • Exploring the spiritual and religious resistance that portrays the dignity of people in the face of despair
  • Recognizing and examining the different roles thrust upon or assumed by people, such as victim, oppressor, murderer, bystander, resister, and rescuer;
  • Investigating the “choiceless choices” confronted by Jews and opportunities for choice confronted by the perpetrators

Program developer:

Tova Perlmutter Ph.D.,
Tova holds a lecturer position and is a pedagogical tutor of History Studies at Levinsky Teachers College in Tel Aviv.
At "MOFET" - A Research, Curriculum & Program Development for Teacher Educators Institute, Tova heads JTEC (Jewish Teacher Educator Community).
In "Hephzibah", a program of The Ministry of Education, Tova is the Head of Holocaust studies, Academic Coordinator of History Teaching in 44 schools in the former USSR and since the year 2000 is in charge of "Masa Shorashim" – Roots seeking Voyage to Jewish culture and history of these schools.
Tova holds a Ph.D. Degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She lectures regularly in international conventions, symposiums and workshops all over the world.
She is the recipient of Yad Vashem Prize for outstanding Ph.D. student (2003); The "Masua" – The Holocaust Studies Institute Educational Prize; Memorial Institute for Jewish Culture Doctoral scholarship (1999, 2003) and Yad Vashem Prize for her M.A dissertation (with honors) at Tel Aviv University, (1990).


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Program Developer:
Dr. Tova Perlmutter,